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Anokiwave, Inc. is a privately owned and independent company incorporated in 1999 and located in San Diego, CA, USA. Anokiwave offers analysis, design and manufacturing consulting services for RF, microwave and mm-wave circuits. Our design capabilities range from DC to 100GHz. We specialize in providing designs to our customers with reduced overall cost that are timely and successful in the commercial market. Anokiwave's goal is to provide first pass success through the use of EM simulators, system simulations and modern microwave circuit design methods. Our customers range from publicly traded companies to small start-ups from differing geographical locations.
More Information
Nitin Jain, Ph.D.
Nitin Jain received the B.Tech degree (in Electronics) from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India in 1986, and MS and Ph.D. (in Solid State Electronics) from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY USA in 1989 and 1991 respectively. His Ph.D. work focussed on MESFET, pHEMT and diode-gate MESFET control devices for which he received the IEEE graduate student fellowship award in 1990.
From Sept. 1991 to Oct. 1998, he worked at Corporate R&D, M/A-Com Lowell as Principal and Sr. Principal Engineer. At M/A-Com, his work focused on commercial use of EM simulators, passive and active circuit modeling, multi layer PCB modeling, high power PIN switches, mm-wave circuit and mm-wave module development. He has worked on various commercial mm-wave projects including design and production of LMDS receiver at 28 GHz and design of 24 GHz collision avoidance Radar. He was also the technical lead of a team that designed and conceived the single piece Radar module for 77-GHz ACC application. From Oct. 1998 to Oct 2000, he was with the ECE department of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India as Asst. Professor.
Since Oct. 2000, he has been working in a start-up - Anokiwave, Inc., San Diego, CA - where he is consulting and designing circuits for various customers. His current interests include mm-wave circuits, mm-wave modules, Silicon and GaAs MMIC circuits, EM simulations, and passive circuit modeling and design. He has over 20 publications in international conferences and journals and has six US patents. Nitin can be contacted at nitin@anokiwave.com.
Quality Policy

  • We shall protect our customer need for privacy and IP protection to the highest level possible but at the minimum of the same level as we protect our own sensitive information.

  • We shall recognize and respect our customers' right to receive quality products and services, on time and within budget.

  • We shall endeavor to exceed our customers' expectations such that Anokiwave becomes their 'Natural Choice' for repeat business.

  • We shall strive constantly to improve our standards of quality and productivity.

  • We shall achieve this in an atmosphere of fairness, integrity, dignity and courtesy towards customers, suppliers, employees, investors and competitors
Simulation Packages
Following is a partial list of the state-of-the-art design and analysis software and computer hardware used at Anokiwave.
  • Agilent's ADS with following modules
    • Linear and non-linear simulator
    • Statistical capability
    • Spice and envelope simulator
    • RF and DSP system simulator
    • Electromagnetic simulator - Momentum
    • Layout and schematic capture
FAQs--Frequently Asked Questions about IP

  1. I am worried about sharing my companies IP with Anokiwave Inc. What and how does Anokiwave prevent our IP from being passed on to our competitors?

    Answer: Our non-disclosure agreement is one of the most stringent in the industry. We adhere to that very strict and have high standard of confidentiality. Inside Anokiwave, information is given on need to know basis. Paper publications for advertisement and career advancement are done with consent of our customers and often with them as active authors. In addition to maintain clear separation of IP it is our current policy not to undertake similar projects from two differing customers simultaneously. Since we are small this works well.

  2. But surely you must be using the material learnt from project A for company X in project B for company Y?

    Answer: No. We only use publicly available knowledge and analysis techniques that are available in literature to do your design or problem. IP of company X developed under project A (tangible or otherwise including design methodology exclusively developed for company X) will never be compromised. If the solution methods is same for the two project than it has to be available publicly from a third source.

  3. But you have developed your own IP?

    Answer: Yes. Usually these IP have come out of work done on known problems. Often a customer has even economically supported to find a solution.

  4. Ok. Is there anything more that you do to protect us?

    Answer: There are a number of consultants who have filled key needs in the specialty design and microwave business. Our services are somewhat similar yet different. As a team working with you we are more like an offsite but equipped design team and with a long term relationship. It is well known that when a technical Employee moves from one company to another he/she carries a lot of company secrets. Compared to this scenario we provide our customer much better protection: (1) strictest of NDA and (2) a permanency of relationship. Some of our customers have been surprised at how non-forthcoming we have been with regards to even the most easily available information. We fully recognize that our business model depends on bringing value to our customer and on protecting IP
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